Sunday, March 4, 2007

NiCe tO meEt YoU Jaa . . .

Hello Mr.Blogger and friends. Finally I've got it. I'm Benz,a post-graduated BBA student of Assumption University(ABAC),Thailand.I'm pleased to know you and use your blog here ka (ka=polite word for thai woman hehehe!!). This is my gang of close friends Vut, Janny and Stung . I don't know that how do they feel to me? but I feel they are my close and nice friends.From now on I must go through my world, meet a lot of people and do everything by myself.I like to thanks my family to endure and love me .Thanks give me a chance to show my abilities ,Thank SMO (Student Council) to tauhgt me well, I love ABAC and Thank you to stop by and read my di ka! God bless you :)

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